Rock climbing at Finale Ligure

The rock climbing at Finale Ligure offers fantastic, diverse sport climbing of great quality and character, with over 4,000 routes to choose from on white limestone rock.  The rock climbing is situated in a succession of valleys in the hills behind Finale Ligure, and covers an area of 10 square kilometres.  This huge deep green landscape can be harsh, wild, rough, and splendid and therefore not your "standard" sport climbing area but is a real adventure.

Over 2700 itineraries distributed on the 30 main walls and 130 sectors. Important numbers, right?

The walls of Finale Ligure are characterized by a marine limestone that offers a wide variety of rocks: slabs, vertical and horizontal walls, steep cliffs.
It is possible to go climbing throughout the year, following the orientation of the cliffs according to the season compared to the sun.

On rainy days you can go up to the Monte Cucco Amphitheatre, while on days of strong wind, you can find shelter at Rocca di Corno, Monte Sordo or at the Crag of Silence at Rian Cornei.

✔ Rocca di Perti: Typical winter crag, characterized by 15 pitches between 15 and 30 metres long;
✔ Bric Scimarco: Winter crag characterized by 18 pitches between 10 and 25 metres long;
✔ Placca dei Maleducati: Spring crag with 45 itineraries and inclinations of all kinds;
✔ Bocca di Bacco: Summer crag, it is a cave characterized by large sockets with overhanging roads, often roofs in the last metres;
✔ Rian Cornei: Summer-autumn crag, with 32 pitches between 10 and 22 metres long;
✔ Rocca di Corno: Winter sector, with 11 routes that develop within a large red cavern;
✔ Lacremà: Very low vertical wall, characterized by 11 pitches about 20 metres long.

Finalborgo hosts a specialized shop and a meeting point for climbers.

The rock at Finale Ligure is a marine limestone and the variety of rock climbing is huge, from slabs, smooth and pocketed vertical walls, to steep imposing overhangs. The style of climbing is technical, usually with the crux near the end of the route. The routes are mainly single pitch, though there are some bolted routes up to 3 and 4 pitches long. However the exception is the Bric Pianarella crag, the so called “big wall”, where the routes are up to 250m long.  The climbing at Finale consists of over 200 different sectors/crags and over 4,000 routes with grades range from F3a to F8c+. However most of the crags have routes with grades between F6a and F7a.

Further along the coast is Capo Noli, which offers climbing some great sea cliff rock climbing that has a totally difference character to that of Finale. This area is also a very popular place for deep water soloing.

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