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Let yourself be carried away by the enchantment of Varigotti

Varigotti is a small fishing village that hasn’t been changed by the construction of bulky buildings. It is far from the mass tourism and if we flew over it we could distinguish five colored, parallel strips: green in the hinterland, grey of the Via Aurelia, beige of the beach and blue of the sea. These environmental features have enhanced our human-sized tourism. Varigotti is a popular tourist destination, with both seaside and natural attractions. This little historical village is famous for its sea and beaches, particularly the Saracen's Beach, which is one of the largest public beaches in liguria.

events in Varigotti?

Varigotti Festival Si svolge Luglio EDIZIONE 2019 Varigotti Festival 25 e 26 Luglio 2019 - Varigotti

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