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Wellness & Relax

To make the most of your experience in Finale Ligure and take relax  in our B&B, we propose the wellness and relax service in collaboration with Paolo and Emanuela, two cherful and sunny professional, that with passion are working in wellness since a lot of years.
The location is ideal: easily accessible, undisturbed position affording an unobstructed view over the rolling hills of Gorra. After relaxation, our B&B is an ideal starting point for hiking, cycling and mountain biking tours. At the same time, the nearby cities offers a diverse culinary, cultural and tourist offer.

What you can enjoy from Emanuela and Paolo:

- Individual massages
- Four hand massages
- Evolutionary foot reflexology
- Ancient Taoist foot reflexology -from the Anterior Sky

- Energy therapies
- Qi Gong
- Taiji Quan
- Reiki
- Approach to the holistic well-being of the individual

- Static and / or dynamic meditations
- Corrective exercise
- Movement and listening groups of the physical and energetic body

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"I thank Arianna, Fulvio, Virginia and Elisa for the opportunity of a new challenge: to be able to bring what I am and what I do in a new organizational capacity, in a special house. In 2010 I officially begin my training through studies of many Italian and international methods that have to do with the holistic well-being of the individual. Since then I have never stopped improving and at the moment this remains the priority intention. In my luggage there are various techniques, from physical touch to Reiki, from evolutionary foot reflexology to corrective exercise, from observation to intuition and others. They are all times, used at the right time, listening to yourself, your own physical and other discomforts, and letting them transform. The discomfort thus becomes a tool to go further and get to know each other, understand each other, live and love each other more. "As well as inside" the discomfort becomes a tool to go further and know, understand, live and love more the reality that surrounds us. From February 2020 I began the path of Nei Qi Gong, alongside Paolo in another shared adventure. I offer individual massages, movement and listening groups of the physical and energetic body, static and / or dynamic meditations"

Call or text her here: +39 349 062 12 69




"They called me Paolo and with pleasure I collaborate with "Rosa di Mare". I experienced my first experiences with internal energy practices as a teenager. Since then I have had the opportunity to approach different masters, disciplines and methodologies, but in recent years I have had the luck, honor and pleasure of meeting Shifu Stefano Stefanelli of the BODY ENERGY SYSTEM.
Since then my practice, my health and my life have experienced an unexpected evolution. These formidable practices and Emanuela's knowledge have opened the way for treatments for the person: "mæssaggi", ancient Taoist reflexology of the Anterior Sky, energy therapies. I am also available to share Qi Gong and / or Taiji Quan with those interested"

call or text him here +39 388 145 54 84


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