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You will fall in love at first sight with Verezzi, the natural amphitheatre of the most beautiful spectacle: the Ligurian Riviera

It is narrated that Saracen pirates fell in love with this landscape and abandoned their plundering to retire here to live. This explains the Saracen origin of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and certainly in Liguria.

At Verezzi the hands of the clocks go back half a century. After the bends that take you away from the sea and from the vivacity of the centre of Borgio, you will enter a silent village, where no cars go along the streets paved in stone. It seems to be dug out in the rock with its creuze, old mule tracks that took carts up to the sea from the surrounding valleys. In Piazza Sant’Agostino, sheer over the sea, since 1967 an event has been held that is a big draw and not only for all Liguria: the Borgio Verezzi Theatrical Festival. Here they do the national premieres of performances that will go round the greatest Italian theatres once autumn comes.

The houses are marked above all by their terrace roofs, with a medieval urbanistic structure showing clear Arab influence. On the terraces over the gulf there are a lot of little restaurants, from very simple to very elegant ones, where the tastes of the local cuisine can be enjoyed. A typical dish is snails alla verezzina prepared with a long procedure that enhances their taste. A local typical product is the caper.

On the coast, Borgio is a village on the sea, lively and modern, with long and well-equipped beaches; well worth visiting are the Borgio Verezzi Caves, an interesting guided visit among stalactites, stalagmites and little pools.

With a short and panoramic walk from our bed and breakfast you can reach on foot.

The sea in Liguria is really nice and offers you a pleasurable experience but it is nothing compared to the beauty of the villages above. Actually, some of the most beautiful villages in Liguria are not by the sea but way above sea level. Each of them is unique, has a very specific character and surprises you with incredible views. This is why is important to visiting the region to not just stay by the sea but to climb up and see the region from a different point of view.

Verezzi is which is the oldest and most scenic and picturesque part of the village.
Borgata Piazza is the most famous of them because there’s a very famous theatre festival taking place there in the summer, full of actors and VIP, so make sure than you do not miss to visit this enchanting village in the heart of ligurian nature

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