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Elisa Bosio

Angel mom

She created the Bed and Breakfast, she dedicated herself body and soul  into it with so much love. People who have had the pleasure of meeting her and who have tasted her wonderful cakes will certainly remember her. Surely she looks at us from up there and protects his beloved Bed & Breakfast!


Fulvio Rossello

The artist dad

web site: Fulvio Rossello

Artist, sculptor and painter, a life spent to play the role of teacher in the Genoa Art School and in managing the famous and historic Atelier of artistic ceramics "I Figuli del Borgo". He will always be ready to help if needed. Do you want to discuss a bit? will be at your complete disposal for a nice and stimulating Italian discussion!


Arianna Lion

The creative poetess

Scenography teacher, she is a sweet and sensitive, creative and generous personality. She is a 360 ° artist: painter, sculptor, poet. If you want, she will be happy to accompany you for a visit in the artistic ateliers of the house, but in any case she will certainly know how to help you, or involve and pamper you with his patience and kindness!


Virginia Rossello

The traveling architect

Architect, she has worked all over the Europe and Africa, Madrid, Paris, Marrakech, now Luxembourg ... as soon as she can go back to his house he doesn't think twice, so if you want to have a chat, for her will be a pleasure to share her experiences with you! she can speaks Italian, Spanish, French and English ... for Arabic and German she is working on it, but it will surely found a way to communicate with her ;)


Pietro Marchese

The sculptor artist

Few people like him in Italy, for his technique and artistic skill, if you want to know his works, you will be enchanted! If, on the other hand, you are not interested in art but you are a music lover, it could be that during your stay you will feel the lovely sound of a piano, Pietro is a multi-task artist!



The mascot

Natural small poodle, it will surely win you over with its sweetness and sympathy. Maybe at the beginning he will bark a little because she doesn't know you, but he just wants to play and, as soon as she can, take some cuddles, which is always welcome to her :)

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